DJ BatuCada43, in real life Anthony Suijkerbuijk, all the way from Steenbergen, The Netherlands was starting mixing in the summer of 2015.
First he liked to learn mixing music but after one year practicing he would like to get some more.

Anthony took a big step in September 2016.
Together with his new manager, also a DJ/Producer, he will take some great steps in the future.
Let people have some fun on his music. 

But what's meaning my DJ-name?
That's one of the most questions I have got since I'm starting mixing.
Since my thirteenth birthsday I've an another hobby.
Ballroom dancing.
And one of my favorite dance is the samba.
Batucada is a collection of steps in the samba.
And the number 43 comes from Licor 43, one of my favorite drinks.
Together BatuCada and the number 43 my DJ-name, DJ BatuCada-43. 

There was a big moment in October 2016.
His first publicly gig in Cafe De Schorre at Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands, In front of Friends, Family, his manager and many other people.
From this way he’s working very hard to get a place on a big stage on a club of festivals. 

Mainly he is mixing Trance and Dance but one of the things he would like to do is experiment with many other music-styles.
Also he would like to produce his own tracks.
This is one of the things he’s experiment right now.
From October 2018, i'm a new resident DJ of Club Midnight at Roosendaal, The Netherlands.

So Anthony is working very hard to get a great future is the world of music.